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About Nutriphyit


Nutriphyit offers one to one personalised nutrition consultancy for long term lifestyle change. 

One to one coaching sessions are personalised to your specific issues and goals with outcomes of health improvement being continually monitored. Emphasis is on long term habit and lifestyle changes that apply to your daily life. Coaching is completely individualised with a promise of ongoing support and continued research into individual cases. All advice given is backed up by scientific research and evidence being a source of knowledge you can trust. 

Conditions treated: 

  • Digestive issues 

  • Energy balance  

  • Hormonal issues 

  • Intuitive eating 

  • Injury recovery 

The holistic approach provided to improve health goals and outcomes allows for an in depth exploration of current problems and challenges to health management in daily life. 

Its about self empowerment and taking back control of your own health. 

If you think this is an approach in which you would benefit from then you can ask more questions via email at nutriphyit@outlook.com or book in for an initial 15 minute consultation.



Charlotte, BSc(Hons) Physiotherapy, MMEDSci Human Nutrition 


Check out the free PDF below to see if nutrition & lifestyle coaching could help you: